Head of the Police Department in Dubai, Dhahi Khalfan, stated that an arrest warrant will be served against Israel’s Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, should the investigation reveal that the Israeli Mosad is behind the assassinating of a Hamas leader at a Dubai Hotel. The Mosad, (Institute for Intelligence and Special Operations) is the national Israeli Intelligence Agency.

The authorities are still investigating the assassination of Mahmoud Al Madbouh, a senior Hamas leader and the founder of the Al Qassam brigades, the armed wing of the movement.

Khalfan stated that Netanyahu is likely the first to approve the decision of assassinating Al Madbouh, and added that the method used in the assassination carries the fingerprints of the Mosad.

He also warned international security agencies from operating in Dubai, and added that Dubai will not allow any foreign security agency, or even Hamas movement, to operate in the country.

Khalfan further stated that Al Madbouh was working in Dubai, and was not involved in any military activities.

The Dubai official said that even if Al Madbouh wanted to meet Iranian or Syrian officials, he would likely conduct such meetings in Tehran or Damascus.

Khlafan refused to reveal any details regarding the suspects involved in the assassination, and denied statements of some Hamas leaders who said that the persons who assassinated Al Madbouh, entered the country along with Israeli Minister, Uzi Landau, during his latest visit to the country.