The weekly demonstration against the construction of the annexation wall on Palestinian land, ended with no clashes with the Israeli military, in the West Bank village of al-Ma’sara.After Friday prayers, at midday, the villagers of al-Ma’sara, joined by members of the international community and Israelis, marched towards the construction site of the wall, that seperates the villagers form their farm lands.

The Israeli military closed the road leading to the site, and as soon as the protesters reached the barricade, they began chant slogans against the construction of both the wall and settlements in the West Bank.

Furthermore, they called upon the Palestinian politicians to achieve unity, as soon as possible.

After speaches by the local organizers, the non-violent prrotesters dispersed peacfully, with no clashes with the Israeli military reported.

The demonstration has been held every Friday in al-Ma’sara for over 3 years.