Local villagers of Nil’in held their weekly non-violent protest, after Friday prayers, despite rainfall.The villagers, who have held demonstrations against the construction of the annexation wall that passes through their land, were joined by members of the international community and Israelis.

The group marched towards the gate in the wall, chanting slogans calling for an end to the construction of the annexation wall and settlements throughout the West Bank, managed to raise the Palestinian flag and block the gate.

The Israeli military threatened the protesters with the use of tear gas if they did not remove themselves, and followed through with their threat when their demands were not met.

Following, the firing of a volley of tear gas canisters, some local youths managed to throw back some of them. After this clash, the demonstration dispersed.

The protests in Nil’in, a village near the city of Ramallah, have taken place every Friday for the past 3 years.