Fadel Abu Hayyin, head of the Psychological Program at the Palestinian Ministry of Health in Gaza, stated that more than 100.000 Palestinian children in Gaza are suffering from different psychological issues resulting from the Israeli war and seige on Gaza.Abu Hayyin added that the impacts of this issue are bigger than the capacities of the ministry, and other specialized institutions in the coastal region.

During an interview with the al-Alam (The World) news channel on Saturday, Abu Hayyin stated that some of the symptoms that appeared on the children include but not limiting to being very attached to the parents, unable to sleep alone, unable to leave home, problems in behavior and mood, incontinence, in addition to being in contradictory states of calmness, anger and nervousness.

He further stated that a significant number of children are unable to concentrate in school, showing lower grades, and rejecting to go to school especially since the Israeli army repeatedly shelled schools.

During the war on Gaza last year, 43 residents, including children and elderly, who took shelter in the Al Fakhoura UN-run School in Gaza, were killed after the army bombarded it and dozens were wounded.

A significant number of children in Gaza are also suffering from malnutrition due to the ongoing Israeli siege on the coastal region.