Dr. Rafiq Husseini, a top aide to president Mahmoud Abbas in Jerusalem, stated at a Sunday evening press conference in Ramallah, that the “sex tape scandal” against him was dubbed, and added that a “gang framed him to politically blackmail him due to his sensitive position”.Al-Husseini entered the hall where he held the conference, surrounded by his relatives, and left after a short statement, refusing to answer questions from the reporters.

He said that this “gang tried to blackmail him politically and financially”.
Al Husseini also said that this dubbed tape was made more than 18 months ago, and that at the time he informed president Abbas of what happened.

He further stated that he refused to be blackmailed, and refused to leave the country and his work in Jerusalem.

The official added that he will resume his duties in Jerusalem, and thanked Arab and Palestinian media for not publishing the dubbed video tape that was initially published by an Israeli TV agency.

He stated that he received several letters of support from Palestinians, including detainees imprisoned by Israel, and other countries.

Al-Husseini said that he will resume his duties, and will counter corruption. “My city is Jerusalem, my battle is in Jerusalem”, he said. “My fate is the fate of all Palestinians”.

He concluded by stating that the investigation committee will reveal “all threads of this conspiracy”.

It is worth mentioning that president Mahmoud Abbas formed,on Sunday, a committee to investigate the issue and the accusations of corruption, and suspended al-Husseini until all investigations are concluded.

The committee, headed by Fateh secretary-general, Abu Maher Gheim, will submit its final report in three weeks.