Lieutenant Dahi Khalfan Tamim, Chief of Police in Dubai, stated that the police obtained sufficient evidence that prove that the assassination of an Hamas official in Dubai was carried out by agents working for the Israeli Mossad. Tamim added that the tactical success of the assassination of Mahmoud al-Madbouh on January 20 is also accompanied by Israeli failures on both the strategic and political levels.

He stated that the Dubai police investigation transformed the assassination of al-Madbouh from a political crime into a scandal and political crisis in Israel, and also led to exposing the Mossad and the methods it used to assassinate al-Madbouh.

The Al Bayan Newspaper in Dubai reported Monday that Tamim said that this is the first time that he hears and sees foreign media agencies and countries showing this type of interest in the assassination of an Arab person.

This attention, he added, led some European countries to repeatedly question the Israeli ambassadors asking for explanations regarding the assassins’ use of European passports to enter Dubai to assassinate al-Madbouh.

Responding to a question regarding the assassins’ usage of forged or stolen European passports, Tamim said, “This is a big lie, the passports are not stolen or forged, and the owners of the passports used them to enter the country and to shadow al-Madbouh.”

He also said that the passports are real, whether they carried real or false names, and that “if the passports were forged, then we cannot exclude Israel as the country that printed them, as it is a state that violates the international law, and has the capacities and the means to print any international passport”.