The Israeli Police, in Jerusalem, had to shut down all mail deliveries throughout the country on Tuesday after what is believed to be an explosive package was located at the post office in Migdal Ha’emek settlement. The Israeli police placed a gag order on the details of the issue and only advised the citizens to be cautious when receiving mail.

The Jerusalem Post was informed by a police spokesperson that a woman from Migdal Ha’emek received mail that rose suspicion.

The Israeli police halted the traffic in the area and sappers neutralized the package but a police spokeswoman said that details on the package, its origin and whether it actually contained explosives are under a gag order.

She added that the police still did not determine whether the incident is “an act of terrorism,” or criminally motivated.

The police advised the residents to look for signs when receiving packages, such as the identity or address of the sender, packages with heavy weight or suspicious size, and packages with wires and mechanical tools.

The police instructed the Israelis not to open any suspicious packages and to contact their local police immediately after noticing suspicious packages.