The Israeli municipality handed out, on Wednesday, a new wave of demolition orders to Palestinian home owners near Jerusalem’s old city.All the homes that were targeted today are located at the Selwan neighborhood, a Palestinian detonated neighborhood of east Jerusalem.

The municipality says those homes lack the needed building permission. Home owners said that some of the homes are built before the creation of Israel.

Since Israeli occupied the city of Jerusalem in 1967 it has rarely given Palestinian residents permissions to built homes or renovates new ones.

In the meantime the Israeli government continue to build settlements in and around the city for Jewish settlers; a move that is illegal by international law.

An Israeli settler’s organization announced, Monday, a plan by the Israeli controlled Jerusalem Municipality to construct 550 new settler’s homes in Jerusalem’s east city. This new plan follows a number of plans issued last year to construct 2,327 settlement homes in the city.

Selwan is located near Al Bustan neighborhood, a Palestinian neighborhood Israel is planning to demolish to make way for new settlements and parks near Jerusalem’s old city.