A Palestinian farmer from the village of Kufer Dan, northern West Bank, was injured and detained by Israeli troops on Wednesday.Ibraheem Aabed, aged 34, along with other villagers tried to stop army bulldozers from destroying a water well at his land near the village. Troops opened fire at the villagers and injuring Aabed in the abdomen.

A Palestinian medical crew rushed to the scene and tried to transfer Aabed to a local hospital, but troops stopped the ambulance at the entrance of the village and took the wounded farmer away.

Villagers said that the army have demolished five water wells in their lands on wednesday before they demolished to Aabed’s well. The army claims the water wells were built without the needed permit from the military.

The army told the villagers that they are going to destroy up to 20 water wells owned by famers in the coming few days, witnesses told local media.