Dubai police stated Thursday that a total of 26 suspects, holders of different European Passports, are suspected of being involved in the assassination of Hamas leader Mahmoud Al Madbouh.Fifteen suspects were added to the original list of eleven, all possessing EU passports.

According to Dubai Police, the number of suspects is likely to increase.

Fourteen of the new suspects used Visa cards issued from the same bank in the United States.

Twelve suspects possess British passports, doubling the six from the initial investigation.

Irish passport holders also doubled from the initial three and French passport holders rose from one to four.

Additionally one German and three Australian passport holders have been added to the list of suspects.

Police in Dubai explain the tasks of the assassins varied, some helped provide logistical information while others prepared and carried out the assassination.

Mohammad Nassar, a close associate of al Madbouh is also considered a suspect.

Nassar was arrested Wednesday in Syria on suspicion of aiding Israeli Mossad, providing them with information that led to the assassination.

Al Madbouh was assassinated on the 18th of January at al Bustan Rotana Hotel in Dubai.