This Wednesday, three Chinese men, aged 42-47, were stopped by Egyptian border police while trying to illegally enter Israel.The Egyptian patrol reportedly fired at the three while they attempted to scale the fence separating Egypt and Israel.

After being fired upon, the three surrendered immediately, subsequently being taken to an interrogation center.

With the aid of an interpreter, the three men explained they intended to illegally enter Israel to look for work and that each paid $1000 to smugglers.

This follows another arrest made by Egyptian Border Police – Ibrahim al Shareegy, age 16 – arrested while trying to cross back into Gaza after exiting the region through the Mediterranean coast.

He admitted to illegally entering Egypt to buy goods with the intent to smuggle them into Gaza.

An Egyptian security source said that the young age of al Shareegy allows leniency, he shall be transferred back to Gaza after the necessary legal procedures are preformed.