On Wednesday night, Australian Authorities questioned their Israeli ambassador after three Australian passport holders were added to the list of suspects involved with the assassination of a Hamas leader in Dubai. Australia Israeli Ambassador, Yuval Rotem, was questioned by Australian Foreign Minister, Stephen Smith.

Australian Prime Minister, Kevin Rudd, stated during an interview with Australian Radio, that his government will not be silent as the issue in question involves using official state issued documents.

Dubai police identified the three as Adam Korman, Bruce Daniel and Nicole McCabe.

Australian intelligence is said to be investigating the issue of identity theft and forged Australian passports.

Kevin Rudd claims that his country will investigate all documents and preform any necessary measures to resolve this issue.

He further stated that any country abusing the Australian passport system, especially for the purposes of conducting an assassination, is in contempt of Australia and will face serious consequences.

Media in Australia also reported the national security committee of the cabinet met on Wednesday night to discuss the issue.