Nabil Abu Rodeina, Spokesperson to the Palestinian president, Mahmoud Abbas, stated Tuesday, that the Hamas movement has not been invited to the summit of the Arab League in Libya, and that this issue was not one of the topics discussed by president Mahmoud Abbas during his trip to Tripoli. Abu Rodeina added that Abbas’ trip included talks on reconciliation efforts in an attempt to achieve unity among all Palestinian factions.

Abbas also visited Egypt and held talks with its president, Hosni Mubarak. The talks focused on indirect talks with Israel, mediated by the United States.

The Palestinian president plans to hold meetings with Arab Foreign Ministers, members of the Arab Peace Initiative, and is expected to discuss the possibility of calling on the United Nations Security Council to convene to define the borders of the future Palestinian State.

Israel never defined its borders as it aims at ongoing expansion on the expense of the occupied Palestinian and Arab territories.

Although Hamas, currently the party that enjoys a large majority at the Palestinian Legislative Council, is not invited to the Arab Summit, the Arab League is still trying to ensure reconciliation between the rival Hamas and Fatah movements.

Fatah is headed by the Palestinian President, Mahmoud Abbas.
The United States is threatening to sever its ties with Abbas should his movement reconcile with Hamas and form a unity government.