A fundamentalist Jewish group, calling itself Temple Mount & Erez Yisrael Faithful, issued a statement declaring its intention to march towards the Al Aqsa Mosque Thursday to mark the Jewish Passover feast.The group wrote on its website that it wants to march towards the Al Aqsa Mosque and called for demolishing it in order to build the ā€œtemple in its placeā€.

It added that the protest comes to protest world powers, especially the United States and its President Barack Obama, for ā€œtheir plans to partition Jerusalemā€.

The group stated that ā€œthere is no need to wait for the coming of the Messiah, Ben David, as he will only come when the Arab-Islamic enemy the ā€˜desecrates G-dā€™s Holy
Hill is removed, and the Temple is rebuiltā€.

It also called for what it described as ā€œtrusting the God of Israel and his promises to his peopleā€.

The march, according to the groupā€™s announcement will start on Thursday at 11:30 from the Jaffa Gate.

It said that this protest comes to ā€œprotest Barack Hussein Obama and his plans to divide Jerusalem, and make it a Palestinian capitalā€.

The group also stated that Obama wants to ā€œdivide the land of Israel to establish to establish a foreign, evil, terror anti-godly sp-called Palestinian state that had never existed and will never exist in the Holy Land of Israelā€, according to the extremist group.

This group is one of many fundamentalist groups operating legally in Israel and explicitly calling for expelling all Arabs and Palestinians from Palestine in order to build the ā€œJewish Stateā€ and to build the ā€œtempleā€ on the ruins of the Al Aqsa Mosque.

Israel sealed off Jerusalem, especially the Old City and teh Arab parts in order to pevents Arabs and Muslims from flocking to the Al Aqsa Mosque.