United States President, Barack Obama, urged the Palestinians and Israel to start proximity Talks. His statements came during a Monday meeting with King Abdullah of Jordan. He also called on both sides to refrain from any acts that could jeopardize peace efforts. The Obama-Abdullah meeting took place in Washington as Obama is trying to get proximity talks started as soon as possible in order start direct talks.

Both Obama and Abdullah agreed that Israel and the Palestinians must refrain from any acts that could “undermine trust” and the efforts to resume the peace process.

King Abdullah asked Obama and his administration to present a peace plan to be submitted to Israel and the Palestinian Authority, yet several U.S. officials oppose this move and believe that the two sides must resolves all issues that are undermining peace talks.

Several reports surfaced recently regarding an American peace proposal to Israel and the Palestinian Authority, and stating that such proposals aim at building on understandings reached during the Camp David Summit in Maryland back in 2000, Israeli daily, Haaretz, reported.

The efforts of Obama come amidst dangerous Israeli escalation and illegal ruling targeting the Palestinians and their presence in the country.

Israel decided to start the deportation of thousands of Palestinians who are originally from the Gaza Strip but living with their families since many years in the West Bank.

The decision would also lead to expelling Palestinians who carry international citizenships and their foreign spouses, in addition to expelling Palestinians who have spouses from Jerusalem.

So far, the United States and its president remained silent, and did not issue any official statement regarding the illegal Israeli plan.

Under the plan, Palestinians and internationals living in the Palestinians territories without an official Israeli permit or approval will be considered “infiltrators”. Such approvals are practically nonexistent.

Human Rights groups considered this plan as another Israel act of ethnic cleansing of the Palestinians in the country and called on Israel to reverse its decision.

This plan could also strip residency rights of Palestinians living in the U.S., EU countries or elsewhere as they might be considered abandoning their residency rights in Palestine.