The family of detainee Ahmad Asfour voiced an appeal to human rights and legal groups to intervene and save the life of their son who was seriously wounded during the war on Gaza and was kidnapped at an Israeli crossing after receiving all needed documents for medical treatment in Jerusalem. The detainee Ahmad Samir Asfour, lost body parts, sections of his intestines and his pancreas. He underwent several surgeries in Egypt and needed further extensive treatment in Jerusalem. He also became diabetic.

After receiving all needed documents and admission papers to St. Joseph Hospital in Jerusalem, and after receiving Israel’s approval to leave Gaza for treatment in
Jerusalem, Asfour and his father were detained at the Erez terminal and he was taken prisoner despite his deteriorating health condition.

Asfour suffers constant pain, needs help in his daily life and need a pancreas transplant. He also needs urgent surgery in his elbow.

The Israeli prison administration disregarded his file and refused to have him hospitalized.