The Waed Society for Detainees reported that the Israeli Authorities deported a resident of Be’er Sheva to the Gaza Strip after claiming that he had no residency papers.The resident was identified as Hani Eshtwey, he was moved to Beit Hanoun, Erez terminal, leading to the Gaza Strip.

The Waed society said that the deportation of Eshtwey is part of the new Israeli order number 1650 in which Israel allowed its army to deport any Palestinian to the Gaza Strip.

The army now has the power to deport Palestinians with no West Bank residency papers, international spouses of Palestinians and other persons who were not granted permits to reside in the occupied West Bank.

The society called on the Palestinian negotiators to raise this issue during indirect talks with Israel, and considered the new Israeli law as a new Nakba (Catastrophe), and a massive deportation of the residents.

It added that all deported residents will remain in their protest tent at the Erez terminal, and that all deportees will conduct protest to challenge the illegal Israeli measures and rulings.