Israeli soldiers forcibly removed a Palestinian resident from his rented home in Al Shuhada Street, in the center of the southern West Bank city of Hebron, and claimed that the home is “owned” by the army.Resident Zuheir Al Bayedh, 21, stated that Israeli soldiers and policemen broke into his home and forced him out while pointing their loaded guns at him.

The soldiers then claimed that the army “owns” the property.

He added that the soldier did not present any document proving ownership of the property which he rented two months ago from resident Nayif Abu Mishar.

In related news, Israeli soldiers kidnapped on Friday at noon two Palestinian youths at a roadblock near Yatta town, south of Hebron.

They were violently assaulted and beaten by the soldiers before they were cuffed, blindfolded and forced into a military jeeps.

The army claimed that one of the two youths carried a knife; they were taken to an
unknown destination.