The White House reported Wednesday that Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas will be visiting Washington soon to hold a meeting with President Barack Obama. The White House says that president Obama is looking forwards to Abbas’ visit, where the two leaders will discuss issues regarding peace in the Middle East.

White House spokesperson Tommy Vietor said that arrangements are being mate to set a final date for the visit.

Obama has also invited Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to the White House next Tuesday.

Netanyahu received the official invitation on Wednesday evening. Netanyahu will head to Washington after his current visit to Canada, according to Israeli Radio.

The Netanyahu’s invitation was delivered by Rahm Israel Emanuel, Obama’s Chief of Staff.

Netanyahu and Obama will be holding talks on cooperation between their countries and discuss how to advance the stalled peace process.

Israeli sources reported that the US administration wants Obama to meet with Netanyahu before he sees Abbas.

The last meeting between the two leaders at the White House seemed to go poorly. Obama left the meeting without talking to the press.

The US administration apparently has a plan that will increase the likelihood of successful talks between Israeli and Palestinian leadership. It is likely that they will present the plan to Netanyahu before they show it to Abbas.

Israeli sources said that the Obama administration wants the American president to meet Netanyahu before Abbas in order to reduce pressure and criticism by Jewish members of congress.

The United States recently decided to send millions of dollars to Israel for the development of the “Iron Dome,” a missile interception system.