Palestinian researched, specialized in detainees’ affairs, Abdul-Nasser Farawna, stated that the administration at the Negev desert detention camp moved a detainee to the hospital of al-Ramla prison. The detainee was identified as Ali Nidal al-Sarafeeny, 29, from Gaza city. He needed urgent care before he was moved to al-Ramla prison hospital which lacks basic equipment.

Al-Sarafeeny was kidnapped by the Israeli army on July 7, 2002, for resisting the occupation and for his membership with the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP).

During his first eight years of imprisonment, al-Sarafeeny was move between several detention centers, including Nafha, Asqalan and was moved a month ago to the Negev detention camp.

His families, as well as all families of Gaza Strip detainees, are not allowed to visit him. Last time his family was allowed to visit him was more than five years ago.

They called on international human rights groups to intervene and to visit him in order to receive more information about his health condition and the reason behind moving him to the hospital.

Al-Sarafeeny is the only remaining son for his parents after his brothers brother Mohammad was killed in 1994, and Hosni in 2004.