The Israeli government’s political cabinet decided to instruct the army and the navy not to allow the Freedom Flotilla from reaching the Gaza coast under no circumstances, and said that it will now allow anybody to break the siege.It stated that should human rights groups and activists want to send supplies to Gaza, they have to send the cargo to Israel to be searched and “approved.”

After emptying the cargo in Israel, the ships must sail back to where they came from, the government said.

The Israeli army and the navy said that they will not allow any group of person to break the siege on the Gaza Strip, and that , if needed, the ships will be taken over by force should they decide to continue their trip.

The Israeli government described the solidarity ships heading to Gaza as an “unnecessary provocation.”

Israel said that the flotilla is a provocation while the Israeli military officer in charge of the Gaza Strip, Colonel Moshe Levy, claimed that there is no crisis in Gaza and that the situation there is “good and stable.”

He also said that smugglers are “keeping Gaza filled with supplies,” and ignored the crisis the residents face and the deaths of hundreds of patients who could not find medication.

Israel said that the flotilla will be taken to Esdod “Ashdod” port and all passengers on board would be arrested.

All solidarity ships, carrying 10 tons of medical aid and humanitarian supplies, will meet on Thursday in Cyprus before sailing together to the Gaza Strip on Saturday.