Several fundamentalist members of Knesset attacked Arab legislator Hanin Zo’by, Wednesday, during a discussion of Israel’s deadly raid against the Gaza-bound humanitarian Freedom Flotilla.Zo’by was onboard one of the solidarity ships heading to Gaza and was also kidnapped by the army during the attack.

Knesset member of the Likud party, Miri Regev, tried to remove Zo’by by force during her speech and shouted “go to Gaza, traitor.”

Member of Knesset, Anastasia Michaeli, also attacked Zo’by by shouts and physical assault and shouted “you should go to Gaza, traitor.”

Several extremist legislators shouted against Zo’by, disrupted her speech and said she should not be allowed to speak.

The speeches of Arab members of Knesset Mohammad Baraka and Jamal Zahalka were also disrupted by fundamentalist legislators who said that “the freedom flotilla is a terrorist campaign.”

The fundamentalist Israeli legislators went on to demand that Arab legislators must be deported to Gaza.

Acting government head in Israel, Silvan Shalom, demanded deporting Zo’by and sheikh Raed Salah, head of the northern branch of the Islamic Movement, to the Gaza Strip, and called for stripping them from their Israeli citizenship.

Kadima member of Knesset, Yoal Hason, also demanded “voiding” the citizenship of Zo’by for being part of the freedom flotilla.

Hason said that Zo’by “should not be allowed to remain in Israel without preconditions”, and added that her diplomatic passport must be withdrawn and she must be punished.