The Israeli government sent a Gaza Strip resident back to the coastal region while his Turkish wife was deported back to Istanbul. The resident and his wife were among the activists detained after the army carried out its deadly attack against the Freedom Flotilla.At a press conference held directly after he was sent back to Gaza, resident Ahmad Dahshan said that he and his Turkish wife were kidnapped along with the rest of the activists and was interrogated before he was deported to Gaza.

He was told that his wife will also be sent to Gaza, but shortly after entering the Gaza Strip he was informed that his wife was deported to Turkey.

“They told me that am being sent back to Gaza, I asked them about my wife and they said she was already sent to Gaza,” he stated, “but when I arrived at the crossing, I did not find her, and shortly afterwords I received a phone call from Turkey, and was told my wife was deported.”

Dahshan and his wife went to Turkey after conducting pilgrimage in Mecca, they tried to return to the Gaza Strip but were not allowed, and then decided to join the Freedom Flotilla hoping to return to Gaza.

He voiced an appeal to human rights groups to intervene and ensure his wife’s safe return to Gaza.

Israel attacked the Freedom Flotilla on Monday at dawn, killed and wounded dozens of nonviolent, human rights activists heading to Gaza to deliver humanitarian supplies.