The leftist Palestinian People’s Party (PPP) held a protest in Nablus on Tuesday against political prosecution practiced by Hamas’ security forces in the Gaza Strip against members and leaders of the PPP. The PPP issued a press release stating that Hamas’ practices in Gaza do not serve the national interests of the Palestinian people and the efforts to achieve reconciliation.

The protestors demanded that Hamas stop these actions and that its government stop all attempts to arrest Waleed al-Awad, member of the Political Bureau of the PPP and member of the Palestinian National Council.

Waleed al-Awad in his position as a member of the Political Bureau, recently made public statements critical of the Hamas government in the Gaza strip. After failing to show for a summons by the Executive Forces, the security apparatus of the government in Gaza, they raided his home. Mr. Al Awad was not there and has since been in hiding.

The protestors also demanded Hamas sign the National Unity Document in order to end the current situation and to create a positive atmosphere that could lead to reconciliation. Reconciliation is necessary in order to put into place a comprehensive plan to counter the violations of the Israeli occupation and increase international solidarity with the Palestinian people so as to end the siege on Gaza and the Palestinian people.

They also handed Hamas legislators in Nablus a letter demanding they act and stop harassment and arrests of other political parties in Gaza, and to sign the Egyptian document for Palestinian national unity.

Leaders of the PPP who participated in the protest stated that disputes can only be resolved by dialogue and not by political arrests and political persecution.