Hamas leader, Ismail Haniyya, stated that Israel’s decision to investigate its own attack against the Freedom Flotilla in international waters is an attempt to deceive the world, adding that the executioner cannot perform the role of the prosecutor and the judge. His statements came as he welcomed delegates from Bahrain, representing the Royal Charity Organization, who visited Gaza on Tuesday.

He said that “the occupation is trying to deceive the international community by replacing the demand of forming an independent probe committee under the supervision of the United Nations, with a committee that is run and supervised by the Israeli government”.

Haniyya further stated that his government supports the Turkish demand for an international committee to investigate Israel’s deadly attack against nonviolent peace activists sailing to Gaza to deliver humanitarian supplies.

Mustafa al-Sayyed, secretary-general of the organization, said that the international community knows that the siege on Gaza must be lifted and added that Bahrain will send Flotillas to Gaza in the near future to deliver humanitarian supplies.

Al-Sayyed also said that the visit is meant to challenge the siege and expressed his hope that Arab countries will act and provide more support to the Palestinians and their struggle.

The visiting delegates also visited the Islamic University in Gaza and participated in the official ceremony of opening a new science lab donated by the Royal Charity Organization in Manama, Bahrain. They also provided equipment for a sports center for female students, and computer labs.