The Freedom Flotilla 2 carrying humanitarian supplies to the besieged Gaza Strip will be sailing to Gaza in mid-July 2010. All arrangements have been concluded and several ships are now ready to sail from Europe to the Gaza Strip.

Mazin Kaheel, member of the European Campaign Against the Siege, stated during a press conference at the Parliament in Strasberg that the ships are ready and that the activists are hoping to sail to Gaza in the second half of July.

Kaheel added that the Freedom Flotilla 2 will be much bigger than the Freedom Flotilla that was violently attacked by the Israeli army which left dozens of casualties in its wake.

As for Israel’s decision to conduct its own internal investigation into the attack against the Freedom Flotilla, Kaheel stated that the Israeli decision is unacceptable and added that “Israel must realize that it has to pay a heavy price through an international investigation committee”.

He also said that lawsuits against Israel for its deadly attack will be filed in several courts around the world.

Kaheel further stated that the Freedom Flotilla formed an international coalition that included more than 32 states, a prerequisite to filing charges against Israel at the International Criminal Court.