The Israeli Ministerial Cabinet decided on Thursday morning to ease some of the restrictions it enforces on the entry of goods and supplies into the besieged coastal region. The cabinet issued a statement announcing that the government decided to expand the list of goods and products that are allowed into the Gaza Strip to include some essential materials that could be used to implement projects of a civilian nature under international supervision.

The decision came following Israeli talks and agreement with Quartet envoy, Tony Blair, who asked Israel to ease the siege by allowing some goods and supplies into the coastal region.

But easing the restrictions would only allow certain goods into Gaza without lifting the Israeli siege on the Gaza Strip as Israel never recognized the democratically elected government of Hamas.

The new Israeli decision would allow the entry of some 120 types of goods and products that Israel embargoed after claiming that such goods could be used for military purposes.

Furthermore, Israel is expected to grant the UNRWA a green line to implement some projects and reconstruct schools and public buildings that were bombarded by the Israeli army during the war.

Visiting the region, U.S Middle East Envoy, George Mitchell plans a number of meeting with Israeli officials Thursday, in addition to holding meetings with Palestinian officials on Friday and Egyptian officials Saturday.