The Israeli Defense Establishment successfully launched its six spy satellite on Tuesday evening, in a move that was described as another advancement meant to boost Israel’s intelligence-gathering capabilities. The Satellite is called Ofek 9, one of six satellites that were deployed simultaneously, Israeli Ynet News reported.

The Ynet quoted a senior defense official stating that Israel needs to use its own satellites in “examining targets”, and that the new satellite provides Israel the power to examine frequent activity at a higher resolution.

The Defense Ministry in Israel issued a statement revealing that the coming phase would be to run some tests to examine the validation and serviceability of the new satellite, and adding that this satellite has remote sensing advanced technology.

Israeli Defense Minister, Ehud Barak, described the successful launching of the satellite as a “technological operation achievement”, the Ynet said, and that the this satellite proves Israel’s extensive abilities, and the advanced thinking and technology of the defense establishment.

Israel launched several satellites in 2002, 2007 and 2008; it tried to launch the Ofek 6 satellite in 2004, but the satellite failed.

The newly launched satellite is meant to spy mainly on Iran but will also be used to spy on other countries in the region.

The Ynet said that despite Israel’s success with its satellite technology, it prefers not to reveal details regarding this technology and its abilities.