Israeli soldiers shot and killed an Egyptian man, wounded another man, and detained two others while attempting to infiltrate into Israel through the Egyptian border. Egyptian sources reported that the Egyptian Authorities were notified by the Israeli army that four Egyptians managed to infiltrate through the barbed-wire near border maker number 45, in the Sinai Desert.

The army added that soldiers opened fire at the four “after they failed to cede to the demands to stop”; one of them was killed, one was wounded and two were detained.

Israel informed Egypt that the body of the slain resident will be transferred to Egypt at a later stage, and did not provide any details regarding the wounded and the detained residents.

Similar to previous incidents, Egypt did not make any statement on the latest attack yet, and did not demand Israel to investigate the attack.

On June 16, Israeli soldiers shot and killed a Bedouin man from Sinai after claiming that he was a smuggler who infiltrated into Israel.

Four Egyptians were killed last year during similar incidents, dozens of casualties from Sudan, Ethiopia and other African national were also reported.