A report published by the Palestinian Prisoner’s Society’s (PPS) Hebron branch, revealed that Israeli soldiers kidnapped 100 Palestinians in several neighborhoods in the southern West Bank city of Hebron, and its surrounding towns and villages, during the month of June. The PPS report added some of the kidnapped residents are ailing, or wounded residents, former detainees and children.

It stated that the soldiers violently attacked and tortured the kidnapped residents in front of their families after breaking into their homes by knocking down doors and violently searching their homes, causing excessive damage.

The soldiers also confiscated computers, cell phones and other personal belongings.

Sixteen of the kidnapped residents are sick and need constant medical checkups and medications. Two are disabled.

Also, the soldiers kidnapped nineteen students and tried to pressure them into collaborating with Israeli security in return for their release. Eleven of them are school students.

The report also revealed that 23 of the kidnapped residents were moved to Asqalan and al-Maskobiyya interrogation centers.

Furthermore, soldiers attacked and kidnapped several women, including Eman Bader Ikhlayyil, 33, who was hospitalized after being beaten and attacked by the soldiers. She was released after paying a 1,000 NIS bail.

The PPS said that Israel is ongoing in its illegal torture of the detainees, and is depriving them from their basic rights, such as the right to receive medical attention and visitations.