Israeli soldiers and undercover forces, on Wednesday evening, kidnapped Hamas legislator from Jerusalem, Mohammad Abu Teir, and moved him to the al-Maskobiyya prison, in preparation to deport him along with other Hamas legislators from the city.The undercover forces ambushed the vehicle of legislator Ahmad Attoun and kidnapped Abu Teir, who was accompanying Attoun at the time. The soldiers claimed that Abu Teir is not allowed to stay in Jerusalem, and must be “deported”.

Legislator Khalid Abu Arafa, former Minister of Jerusalem Affairs, confirmed the arrest of Abu Teir, and stated that Israel will likely implement its ruling to expel him along with other legislators, including himself, as Israel wants to remove them from Jerusalem.

Abu Arafa described the Israeli decision as a ‘red line’ and a clear indication of Israel’s intention to deport Jerusalem legislators.

An Israeli Police source in Jerusalem said that Abu Teir is not part of an understanding reached with others Palestinian legislators from Jerusalem, and that he was arrested as he is “illegally staying in Jerusalem,” despite the fact that he was born in the Umm Tuba district of East Jerusalem.

Hamas legislators in Jerusalem and the Hamas movement slammed the illegal Israeli policies against Palestinian elected officials, and described them as a clear proof that Israel does not respect any agreement, and wants to empty Palestine and Jerusalem of its indigenous people.

Besides the intention to expel Abu Teir, the Israeli police intends to expel Hamas legislators, Ahmad Attoun, Mohammad Totah and Khaled Abu Arafa; all are from Jerusalem.

Israel revoked the Jerusalem Identity Cards of the four officials and officially informed them that they will be expelled from Jerusalem.