A Mossad agent, involved in the assassination of Hamas official, Mahmoud al-Madbouh, in Dubai this past January, was sent to a court in Poland in preparation for his possible deportation to Germany.The agent is one of at least 26 suspects carrying European passports, will likely be sent to Germany upon request from the German government.

The Polish court will decide on the issue this Wednesday despite a request from Israel to send him to Israel instead of handing him over to Germany.

The AFP reported, Monday, that the regional court in Warsaw reviewed the case, and that the court’s spokesperson, Wojciech Malek, said that the court delayed its decision until Wednesday.

The court session was held behind closed doors while the suspect said that he does not want to be sent to Germany.

Although Poland refused to identify the Israeli agent, German media named him as Uri Brodsky.

German weekly, Der Spiegel, initially broke the story last month after Brodsky was apprehended at Warsaw Airport on June 4 on suspicion that he obtained a German passport by fraudulent means, the AFP reported.

Germany issued an international warrant for the arrest of Brodsky last month.
A total of 26 suspects are believed to be involved in the assassination of Al Madbouh. They used forged passports from Germany, Australia, Britain, Ireland and France; twelve of them carried British passports.

Several Israeli officials asked Poland, one of the closest allies to Israel in Europe, to send the suspect to Israel and strongly opposed extraditing him to Germany.