The Egyptian Security Forces managed to foil an attempt to smuggle more than 60 cars, reportedly meant to be brought into the Gaza Strip through a tunnel specifically designed for smuggling cars into Gaza. The Security Forces exchanged fire with the smugglers near the tunnel in al-Dahniyya area.

Egyptian security sources told the Ma’an News Agency that the security devices received info stating that smugglers were planning to smuggle 60 new vehicles; some stolen from residents and tourists in al-Arish.

The smugglers tried to drive the vehicles to the tunnel, 150 meters away, but were attacked by the security devices who also opened fire at them.

The vehicles are smuggled into Gaza through a 3-meter high fortified tunnel.

The Israeli siege imposed on Gaza has left the coastal region without any spare parts for vehicles, while smuggling new ones has become a large source of income for the smugglers.

Ordinary residents in Gaza can barely afford to buy food as the siege has left most of the workers without any source of income, and increased the number of residents who depend on international aid.

Hundreds of patients, including children and infants, have died due to the ongoing siege, with hundreds in critical condition, waiting to be allowed to leave Gaza for medical treatment in Egypt, Israel or elsewhere.