Israeli officials have admitted that ‘senior-level mistakes were made’ during last month’s deadly raid on a Gaza-bound humanitarian aid flotilla. Results of an internal military probe were presented Monday, revealing ‘faulty decisions’ by senior-ranking officers. But no punishment or censure of the officials was recommended by the investigative panel.

During the attack, nine Turkish citizens and one teenager of dual American/Turkish citizenship were shot dead and dozens of other people, including nine Israeli commandos, were injured.

The raid was conducted on international waters and resulted in an international backlash against Israel.

The Israeli government rejected demands for an international investigation and instead ordered the military to begin an internal probe. International officials say that the internal investigation is insufficient, and that Israel must open itself to international scrutiny.

Another aid ship launched earlier this week from Libya plans to arrive in Gaza on Wednesday, despite Israeli threats that they would not allow the ship to reach the Gaza Strip.