Israeli officers of the “Regional Unit for International Investigation”, operating under the Israeli Security Agency, kidnapped an Arab resident from Majdal Shams in the occupied Golan Heights, under suspicion of what was described as “spying, and contacting a foreign agent”.Majed al-Sha’er, a construction worker, was kidnapped from his work place in the center of the country, and was moved to an interrogation center.

He is the father of Fida’ al-Sha’er, 27, arrested by Israel last Sunday , and is also facing the same charges.

The security devices imposed a gag order on the case but only stated that the father and his son committed violations that harms Israel’s security.

Fida’ was arrested on Sunday directly after his plane landed at the Lod Airport following a trip to France.

The charges include contacting a foreign agent, and “aiding the enemy in the time of war”. The defendant denied all charges.

The Arabs48 news website reported that Fida’ studied Music in Syria and Cairo, one year ago, and then he went to France.

The District Court decided to keep him under interrogation for seven days.

Clashes between the residents and the Israeli Police were reported last Sunday after the police entered the village to search the house of Majed al-Sha’er.

A large number of women and children were wounded after inhaling gas, fired heavily by the police during the clashes in the village.

Majed al-Sha’er was imprisoned by Israel for 3 years in the late seventies for resisting the occupation.