Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas has said he will move to direct talks only after Israel makes clear certain defining issues for a future Palestine.The Palestinian Authority is determined to sabotage attempts to upgrade the ongoing proximity Middle East peace talks with direct negotiations, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said Monday before a Knesset committee on Foreign Affairs.

Abbas has continually stated that he wants issues such as borders and Palestinian security concerns to be finalized in the indirect talks before a move is made toward face-to-face negotiations with the Israeli government.

Many countries have been contacting Abbas in recent days, Germany, Italy, Britain, and the US, in an attempt to pressure Abbas into a move not likely to lead anywhere.

Netanyahu continued the denigration of his counterpart by saying that, ‘if anyone had any doubts regarding the Palestinians’ reluctance, it is now crystal clear,’ and added that the PA were ‘stalling direct talks and relying on the Arab League for support.’

Abbas is expected to ask the Arab League to support continuing the indirect negotiations until their final date of September 8, after which the Palestinians will have to announce their plans for moving forward