Israeli sources reported that the government of Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, will likely respond positively to U.S calls for starting direct talks with the Palestinian Authority of President Mahmoud Abbas. The talks will likely be held by the beginning of September in Washington. U.S. president Barack Obama, Palestinian President, Mahmoud Abbas, and Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, will participate in the talks.

The Palestinian leadership in the West Bank is awaiting a decision from the Quartet Committee setting the borders of 1967 as the base and main aim of these talks.

Israeli sources reported that Netanyahu does not believe that the talks will lead to a solution at the current stage, but believes that such talks will improve Israel’s image and stance on the international level.

Netanyahu and his government refuse a full withdrawal from territories Israel illegally captured in 1967, this includes rejecting any withdrawal from occupied East Jerusalem and the removal of settlement blocks in the occupied West Bank.

Settlements are illegal, violate the international law and constitute war crimes. Article 49 of The Fourth Geneva Convention prohibits an occupying power from transferring citizens from its own territory to territories it occupies.

The Hague Regulations also prohibit an occupying power from conducting permanent changes in the occupied areas unless the changes are needed for military purposes, such changes should also benefit the local population of the occupied territories.

But changes Israel is conducting in the occupied territories and occupied East Jerusalem are only benefiting the country and its settler population.