The Islamic Resistance Movement (Hamas) has called on all its members and affiliates to refrain from turning themselves in to the Palestinian Authority security services, the Ma’an News Agency reported Wednesday afternoon.In a statement published Wednesday, the movement also asked them members and supporters to resist arrest and warned the Palestinian Authority to “take note of the Gaza incidents”, in reference to the bloody take over of control by Hamas from the rival Fatah party in 2007.

The statement carries serious threat of violent confrontation with the PA security forces when it said that ‘the hands that struck deep at the heart of the occupier is able to reach them.’

The Islamist movement also said that if the arrests continue the movement “will not keep silent for long in the face of the continued arrest campaign and the chasing of party leaders by security departments in the West Bank” and added “our patience has begun to run out’.

Hams’ statement comes shortly after the Palestinian security forces arrested around 750 Hamas members and affiliates in the aftermath of the deadly attack on Israeli settlers near Hebron which claimed the lives of four settlers.

Hamas claimed responsibility for the attack and for another attack near Ramallah in which two settlers were wounded.