An Israeli settler opened fire, on Tuesday, at Palestinian cars driving near the northern West Bank city of Nablus.According to a Palestinian driver, Raafat, the settler created a road block and opened fire at him as he drove near him at the entrance of Kedumim settlement. Raafat told the Israeli online daily Ynet that he did not stop to question the settler, but kept on driving. He also told Ynet that he saw the settler stopping other Palestinian cars on the road.

The Israeli police said the incident is a conflict over who has the right of way on the road.

Settlers’ attacks targeting Palestinians escalated in the West Bank after Palestinian fighters killed four settlers and injured two in two separate attacks last week. But the attacks did not begin last week, however, but have been ongoing – since May, Israeli settlers and soldiers have killed 14 Palestinians.

Earlier on Tuesday, Palestinian sources reported Israeli military invasions of a number of communities in the west Bank. Israeli soldiers searched and ransacked homes in Sourif town and al-Arob refugee camp in southern west Bank before arresting three civilians.