4-year-old Abdul Hayy Salhout who fell from the balcony in his house in Jabal al-Mukabbir village in occupied East Jerusalem, became source of life for three dying Israeli patients when his parents decided to donate his organs.According to the Ma’an news Agency, doctors at the Hadassah Medical Center spent eight hours trying to revive Salhout in the ICU, where he died six days later.

According to the Israeli news site Ynet, the boy’s liver has since been successfully transplanted to a critically ill 7-year-old Israeli boy. A kidney was given to an 8-year-old Israeli girl, whose body has accepted it. The other kidney went to a 55-year-old Israeli man, and he is in good condition too despite concerns of rejection due to the age difference.

‘My son arrived at the hospital in very serious condition, and it was impossible to save his life. But we’re so happy to see him alive inside other people,’ Abdul-Hayy’s father told Ynet. ‘It makes no difference to us whether the recipients speak Arabic or Hebrew, because saving a human life is the same.’