Lieutenant Hisham al-Janayni, assistant-director of al-Arish Port, stated that a Syrian aid ship heading to Gaza had arrived at al-Arish Port in Egypt on Sunday evening, and that the ship will be towed to the dock in order to be emptied under the supervision of the Red Crescent before the supplies are sent to Gaza by land. The Syrian ship carries 650 Tons of humanitarian supplies, including 40 tons of medical supplies donated by Syrian private institutions.

The Egyptian Red Crescent will be attempting to deliver the supplies through the Rafah Border Terminal and the al-Oja Terminal in compliance with Egyptian regulations.

Meanwhile, Egyptian security sources confirmed that the Artery Of Life 5 solidarity flotilla is on its way to al-Arish Port in Egypt but added that, so far, it remains unclear whether Egypt will allow it through especially since Egypt declared British Parliamentarian, George Galloway, as a persona persona non grata.

Galloway was deported from Egypt following clashes that took place after Egyptian security forces attacked a previous solidarity convoy that was heading to Gaza. An Egyptian border policeman was killed by a bullet allegedly fired by Palestinian gunmen in Rafah, in the southern part of the Gaza Strip, during clashes with Egyptian border police officers.

The issue caused further tension between Egypt and the Hamas movement especially since Hamas said that the slain Egyptian officer was not killed by Palestinian fire but was killed by friendly fire when a fellow-officer opened fire at Palestinian protesters along the border.