A number of Israeli settlers uprooted grape vines that belong to a Palestinian farmer from Al-Bak’aa area near Hebron, Monday morning.The Palestine News Agency (WAFA) reported that the Israeli authorities also told the farmer that the military administration is planning to confiscate around 10 acres of his land in the village of Dura.

The land owner, Sufian Sultan said settlers from the nearby Kharsina settlement trespassed into his land and uprooted the grape trees with the grapes on them, and took the iron bars that support the trees.

Sultan told media that he tried to call the police to complain, but they did not answer, and then he complained to the Red Cross and some human rights organisations in order to help him in this matter.

On the other hand, an Israeli military force placed a note saying that around 26 acres of land will be confiscated near the village of Faza’a near Hebron. Palestinian expert on settlement issues, Abulhadi Hantash said these lands is an agricultural land, that belong to Ibrahim Khamaysa and it is the main source of living for him and his family.