A spokesperson of the Egyptian Foreign Ministry, stated Monday that the Egyptian Authorities are closely following “Artery of Life 5” aid convoy heading to Egypt, and will allow aid supplies to enter Gaza as long as organizers follow Egyptian standards. He said that Egyptian embassies in countries where aid convoy passes through were provided instructions regarding organizing the means to facilitate the delivery of aid supplies.

The spokesperson further stated that all supplies must be unloaded at Al Arish Egyptian Port before the Egyptian Red Crescent conducts other arrangements to send the supplies to the besieged Gaza Strip.

Egypt will only allow 100 activists to enter the Gaza Strip under the condition that they provide Egypt with their full details two weeks in advance.

He said that those procedures are meant to facilitate the entry of supplies to the Gaza Strip but without exceeding the maximum operation capabilities of Al Arish Port, and added that “Egypt is acting in a way that would facilitate the entry of the supplies to Gaza without any obstacles as long as the organizers follow all regulations”.

Yet, the official also stated that British Parliamentarian, George Galloway, is not allowed into Egypt as he is listed as a persona non grata, “therefore, he will not be allow to step on Egyptian soil”.