Hundreds of German citizens, pro Palestine activists, and Palestinians rallied in the streets of the German Capital, Berlin, demanding the country to apprehend and prosecute Israeli officials who are responsible for war crimes committed during the war on Gaza and the attack on the Freedom Flotilla. The protest was held in front of the European Commission headquarters in Berlin.
The protestors carried signs demanding the Federal Constitutional Court in Karlsruhe to accept a lawsuit filed against Israel and Israeli officials.

The lawsuit is about “war crimes committed during the war”, mass killing of civilians, and Israel’s illegal use of internationally-banned weapons in addition to the murder of Turkish pace activists during the attack against the Freedom Flotilla in May.

The protestors also carried banners calling on the International Community to enforce the International Law against Israel for its ongoing violations and crimes committed during the war on Gaza.

One of the banners read “If peace is to prevail, the Israeli army must be brought to justice”.