Israeli soldiers arrested nearly 35 African immigrants who managed to infiltrate into Israel through three border points in the center of Sinai and south of the Kerem Shalom (Karem Abu Salem) crossing. The Israeli Army sent an official notification to Egypt informing them that the arrested immigrants are from different African nationalities; 20 Ethiopians, 11 Eritreans and 4 Sudanese.

In related news, a Sudanese immigrant died of wounds sustained earlier while attempting to infiltrate into Israel; three other immigrants were wounded and were moved to an Egyptian hospital.

Furthermore, Egyptian security sources claimed uncovering nine tunnels along the border with Gaza. The tunnels were located in the Salah Ed Deen border area; no goods or persons were found in the tunnels.

Egypt uncovered at least 570 tunnels since the beginning of this year, additional 15 tunnels meant for smuggling cars were also located and destroyed.