Four days after ongoing interrogation, Dina Qawwas, 41, the wife of the head of the Palestinian Prisons Society in Jerusalem, was released on a 15.000 NIS bail, and was placed under house arrest. He husband, who was also detained and placed under interrogation, was also released on a similar bail.

The Israeli District Court in Jerusalem informed Qawwas that she must remain in Jerusalem, and must head to the nearest police station upon request.

The court claims that she participated in protests in occupied East Jerusalem, and charged her with “disrupting the peace, and violating the law”.

She was kidnapped by the Israeli army on Tuesday morning; Israeli soldiers and policemen broke into her home in Al Sa’diyya neighborhood in East Jerusalem, and took her to an interrogation center in the city.

She was then moved to another interrogation facility in the city for additional 24 hours.