On Thursday, Isaa Qaraq’, minister of detainees and ex-detainees said he received many letters from detainees in different Israeli jails. They are threatening to begin a hunger strike lasting until death to protest the Israeli policy of solitary confinement imposed on many male and female detainees .Qaraq’ said the strike would include 400 specific detainees from all Israeli jails and will be carried out in a manor similar to the strike by Irish detainees in 1981.

This step follows failed efforts to stop the practice of ‘solitary confinement,’ a policy considered as harsh and serious punishment inflicted on detainees. The Israeli intelligence agency makes decisions regarding this policy.

The strike against the oppressive and arbitrary procedures, especially the isolation by solitary confinement for a long periods of time but also other punishments such as depriving detainees of their clothes, education and visiting rights.

The number of detainees being held in isolation has recently increased to eighteen. Another current decision was the transfer of female detainees in al-Damoon women’s prison to an isolation mass jail.

Qaraq’ added that the solitary confinement cells are like graves where detainees lack most of the basic necessities of life. Like many isolated detainees, Mansor al-Shahateet, Mu’taz HIgazi , Amal al-Bass and many others suffer from serious health conditions.