Some new “soldier-free” checkpoints will replace ordinary checkpoints between Israel and the West Bank beginning next year.According to Israeli, a military source reported that under the new system, entry and exit would be run by Arab-speaking, thumbprint-detecting machines instead of soldiers. The implementation will begin with 12 checkpoints in an area around the Green Line.

The source also said that the replacement has two objectives. The first one is to save time. With the new system, information about Palestinians, including thumbprint and facial identity, can be passed quickly, allowing for passage to be revoked in a matter of minutes.

The second aim is to create ‘a more pleasant atmosphere’ for Palestinians. The Ynet source said, ‘a new situation has emerged in the territories with the creation of the security fence. The importance of maintaining the Palestinian citizens’ quality of life has become more heightened.” The Ynet source added that after testing the new system, the machines were found to be “extremely user-friendly.”

A source representing PNN (Palestinian News Network), said that it is unclear what effect the machines will have on the daily flow of Palestinian laborers moving in and out of Israel.