Israeli officials are considering declaring unilateral steps if the Palestinian leadership of Mahmoud Abbas implements its vows to walk out of the negotiations and seek international recognition of a Palestinian State.A Palestinian official stated that President Abbas could leave the negations table for good should Israel continue its unilateral moves, such as settlement construction and expansion, and its violations into occupied East Jerusalem.

The U.S. Secretary of State recently told pro-Palestinian groups that the White House does not have a magical solution to create a breakthrough in the stalled peace talks, and added that negotiations are essential.

Under the current situation, Israeli officials are considering Israel’s need for a new plan that could represent Israel’s vision of a unilateral ‘solution’ to the conflict.
The “Plan B” includes Israeli withdrawals from vast areas in the occupied West Bank and enforcing a ‘land swap’ to ensure retaining large settlement blocks.

Supporters of this plan said that in order to allow Israel to remain in control of most of the West Bank, the government of Benjamin Netanyahu should come up with a plan to evacuate settlements and deploy Israeli soldiers in different parts of the West Bank; and should take into consideration certain security arrangements to keep Hamas and other factions away from evacuated settlements.

Israeli Ynet News reported that an official in Tel Aviv stated that the “Plan B” is not a complete solution, and that Israel “cannot continue its efforts on the ground.”

The plan, similar in nature to the Convergence Plan of former Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert, aims at withdrawing from vast areas in the West Bank and converging settlement blocks. In addition (The Plan) would seek to find a solution that would allow Israel to keep its army deployed throughout the West Bank in order to prevent Hamas and other organizations from controlling evacuated territories.

Meanwhile, the Palestinian leadership is planning to seek the support of the International Court of Justice and the signatory countries of the Geneva Convention for the establishment of an independent Palestinian State.