The weekly non-violent anti-wall protest in the West Bank village of Bil’in ended with two adults and one child injured by Israeli forces, who attacked the protesters with so-called ‘non-lethal weapons’.Like every Friday, Israeli and international supporters joined villagers after the midday prayers at the local mosque, and headed toward the Israeli wall that separates local farmers from their lands.

As soon as protesters reached the gate of the wall, Israeli soldiers, who were stationed there, began to shoot military-grade tear gas and sound bombs. According to PNN (Palestinian News Network), Lamma Abu Rahma, 8 years old, Mohamed Al Khateb and Ahmad Burnat, both 17 years old, were hit in the legs and feet by tear gas canisters. Other protesters also had to be treated for gas inhalation.

The village of Bil’in has been protesting against the Israeli wall since 2004, when the Israeli military began construction of the Annexation Wall on village land.

The protests, combined with legal efforts and publicity campaigns, have led to Bil’in being named ‘the center of the non-violent movement in Palestine.’

Although the Israeli High Court ordered the military to move the wall back, in order to restore the half of the village that was confiscated to build the Wall, the Israeli military refused to comply with the court order.